Developing and inspiring our students to become confident and motivated learners is at the heart of the St Columba’s College approach. 
A stimulating learning environment and seamless integration of individual support imbues students with a sense of courage and resilience as they approach their academic endeavours. St Columba’s girls are supported and guided by inspirational, committed educators who combine subject matter expertise with innovative approaches to teaching and learning. 


The College’s learning framework is informed by three core principles: to engage our students, to have our students connect with the world around them, and to encourage our students to be critical and curious in their learning. 
Each principle helps foster our students' educational aspirations, empowering them to thrive in an inclusive learning environment. 
Celebrating student achievement is an essential feature of College life, contributing to a positive educational context in which every student feels motivated to strive towards her personal best. 


We recognise, celebrate and encourage every student as an individual who brings unique talents and potential to our learning community. While fostering independence and resilience, the College actively partners with students and families to tailor learning to each girl’s needs. Our contemporary teaching methods help every St Columba’s girl to discover, develop and embrace her talents, while regular assessment and feedback enable staff to identify individual opportunities for acceleration or support. 
Student support is facilitated by the College’s Learning Diversity Team. Our qualified staff work alongside teachers, parents and students to maximise student participation and inclusion within the mainstream curriculum, supporting achievement, monitoring progress and providing additional support as required. Please see Learning Support for further information. 
Where appropriate, students from Year 9 onwards may have the opportunity to undertake accelerated streams, helping them progress in a more challenging environment. 


In keeping with our 21st century approach to learning, St Columba’s College has built a community-focused, outward-looking culture that prepares our students to critically reflect on their world and take positive action in their lives beyond the school gates. This includes:
  • Collaborative partnerships beyond the College that challenge students to experience the wider world. 
  • A learning and teaching environment that encourages creativity and collaboration, with contemporary open spaces complementing an innovative curriculum. 
  • Additional facilities in areas such as Physical Education, Visual and Performing Arts and our contemporary Library, that inspire students to actively engage in learning and to seize opportunities.
  • An international focus, expressed through language and cultural studies that encourage the exploration of moral and social justice concepts.