At St Columba’s College, we aim to develop caring and effective relationships between staff, students and the community. Wellbeing practices are focused around our core school values - Learning, Community, Hope, Justice and Faith.


The student counsellors provide guidance and counselling to students. Individual support is available for matters such as managing workload, mental health issues, friendship problems and general concerns regarding your child. Referrals to outside agencies are made where appropriate.
The student counsellors are also responsible for running programs designed to enhance the personal development and well-being of students. Some of these include:  
  • Drug Education
  • Anti-bullying
  • Internet Safety
  • Stress Management
  • Social skills groups
  • Understanding mental health
Students and parents are welcome to contact the student counsellors to discuss specific needs or concerns. To make an appointment, please call the College on 9337 5311. Counsellors are available Monday through Friday. 


Student Reception is the heart of St Columba’s College, acting as a welcoming and supportive hub for all of our students. 
Students are able to go to Student reception for the sickbay, to receive first aid, make appointments with the College Counsellors, if they arrive late or need to leave early, and general wellbeing support. 
Student Reception also provides a range of wellbeing resources for students, including information on study schedules, mindfulness techniques and guidance on spiritual and mental wellbeing. 
The First Aid officer, located at the reception, is responsible for ensuring that students’ health management plans and personal medications are correctly implemented. 
Student Reception is located on the ground floor of the Kernan building, next to the staff room.